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Re: Pre-seeding XFree settings for keyboard in Debian Installer

[Konstantinos Margaritis]
> * of all the conffiles.d, we only need xfree86-kbd, and probably
> kde(but updated for kde 3)

If possible, make sure the package work in Woody as well as in

> * ispell needs to be updated to new versions which are (I think) 
> debconf base

Yes, some major rewrites have been done to the ispell config.  Perhaps
ispell should be replaced by aspell, which I'm told is a better spell

> * maybe add gnome configurations (but I have very little gnome
> experience)

Not needed.  gnome uses the LANG and LANGUAGE environment variables
(ie locales).

> * we don't really need locale and timezone (as these are handled by
> debian-installer)

Is the timezone really working as it should in d-i?  Good.

> * we also don't need to configure links and ktouch (as these are
> optional packages and not debconf based), ltsp-xfree86-kbd (as it's
> skolelinux specific) and opera6 (not available in debian itself)

Well, _need_ is a strange criteria to use.  As long as they only fix
the config when the package is installed, I would very much like to
 handle as many packages as possible.

> * If we decide to update kde as well, then we have to either:
> a) make kde configurable by debconf, or
> b) split the package into 2 subpackages, one to be called before X 
> configuration (thus pre-seeding debconf values) and one after 
> (finishing up KDE configuration).

You don't need to split the package in two.  You can have one package,
with two base-config fragments.

I do not think it will be possible to get all packages configurable
with debconf in a reasonable time frame, so I believe we need to keep
both ways of configuration.

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