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Re: Pre-seeding XFree settings for keyboard in Debian Installer

On Τρι 29 Ιουν 2004 14:12, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Konstantinos Margaritis]
> > * of all the conffiles.d, we only need xfree86-kbd, and probably
> > kde(but updated for kde 3)
> If possible, make sure the package work in Woody as well as in
> Sarge/Sid.

ok, how about spliting the conffiles to two dirs, for woody/sarge, or 
with a suffix in the filename (eg. kde2.woody, kde3.sarge).

> > * ispell needs to be updated to new versions which are (I think)
> > debconf base
> Yes, some major rewrites have been done to the ispell config. 
> Perhaps ispell should be replaced by aspell, which I'm told is a
> better spell checker?

I'm all for aspell as it is better maintained upstream and has actuall 
support for non-latin languages (eg. greek)

> Is the timezone really working as it should in d-i?  Good.

for me at least yes but the timezone setup is quite simple for Greece, 
with only one option, I don't know if it works as it should with more 
complex locale configs(eg. US, China, etc).
> Well, _need_ is a strange criteria to use.  As long as they only
> fix the config when the package is installed, I would very much
> like to handle as many packages as possible.

ok, but these should go after installation of the packages is 

> You don't need to split the package in two.  You can have one
> package, with two base-config fragments.
> I do not think it will be possible to get all packages configurable
> with debconf in a reasonable time frame, so I believe we need to
> keep both ways of configuration.

Ok, basically i'm creating a list of configuration to be executed 
before installation of packages, and another one at the end of the 
(in reality, there will be 2 such pairs, one for woody and one for 

Will keep you posted.


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