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Bug#256301: LVM in Beta 4

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 03:19:41PM +0200, Leszek wrote:
> Sorry for being vague - this was my friend's comp and I have no access to 
> it now.
> We were trying to install Debian on what used to be a Slackware 9.1 root 
> partition. 
> In the Partitioning tool, I have chosen this partition up for a "format", 
> fs type "ext3", mount at "/" , mount options "defaults", bootable "off". 
> Then, I selected "done setting up the partition". At this point, the 
> partitioning tool created ext3 on the partition, and I was back at the 
> main list of all partitions. The links below the list said something like 
> "help on partitioning" "guided partitioning" and "Set up LVM" . Even 
> lower, at the lower left, there was a link to "go back" . But, there was 
> *no* link to "continue" at the lower right. So, I thought I ought to set 
> up this LVM thing now ( "help on partitionning" just got me to a help 
> page, of course, and "guided partitioning got me to the list of 
> partitionning tasks like "erase the whole /dev/hda" and "manually edit the 
> partition table" - so, with no "continue", setting up LVM seemed like 
> the only option I can go for at this moment )

Ah, okay. I don't know why you didn't have the equivalent of "finish
partitioning and continue". If you specifically selected configure LVM, and
didn't have the prerequisite LVM stuff done, then it will most probably barf
at you as it has. The crux of the problem is why didn't you have a "finish
partitioning and continue" type menu option...

Thanks for helping clear this up...



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