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Bug#256477: Package: Install - for floppy images missing IDE drivers

ross@hyperquantum.com.au wrote:
> Package: Install
> Version: 20040430 (for i386 architecture)

What images, downloaded from what url? What driver disk did you use?
Please describe exactly what someone would have to do to reproduce your

> I ran the install process in 'expert' mode to detect the problem (it
> must flash past the screen very fast (certainly something flashes up
> quickly), just before going to the partitioning bit. 'Detect hardware'
> gives an "Unable to load some modules" error, reporting that ide-mode,
> ide-probe-mod, ide-detect, ide-generic, ide-floppy, ide-disk, ide-cd,
> isofs modules are unavailable.

This is normal, not all modules will be available on floppy installs
during the first stage hardware detection, because you must load them
from network or CD.

see shy jo

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