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Bug#256477: Package: Install - for floppy images missing IDE drivers

Hi Joey,

On 27 Jun, Joey Hess wrote:
> ross@hyperquantum.com.au wrote:
>> Package: Install
>> Version: 20040430 (for i386 architecture)
> What images, downloaded from what url? What driver disk did you use?
Download was from ftp.au.debian.org at location
and I grabbed the floppy root.img and boot.img (and later the
cd-drivers.img) images.
> Please describe exactly what someone would have to do to reproduce your
> problem.
Ftp down the images and dd them to floppy disk.
Shove the boot and root (when asked) floppies in the drive and build the
machine, but use ftp to get any updates (from ftp.au.debian.org).  It
was later that I worked out that I needed to steal the drivers off the
cd-drivers floppy.


Ross Summerfield
e-mail: ross@hyperquantum.com.au or
phone : work  : 62198644
        home  : 62922514
        mobile: 0439799146

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