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Bug#256477: Package: Install - for floppy images missing IDE drivers

Joey Hess wrote:
>>I ran the install process in 'expert' mode to detect the problem (it
>>must flash past the screen very fast (certainly something flashes up
>>quickly), just before going to the partitioning bit. 'Detect hardware'
>>gives an "Unable to load some modules" error, reporting that ide-mode,
>>ide-probe-mod, ide-detect, ide-generic, ide-floppy, ide-disk, ide-cd,
>>isofs modules are unavailable.
> This is normal, not all modules will be available on floppy installs
> during the first stage hardware detection, because you must load them
> from network or CD.

I got the same problem :

I start a floppy install, connecting to the internet (using the
net-drivers.img floppy), but it doesn'y seems to load the needed ide
drivers from the ftp.debian.org archive.

I solve it simply by loading the cd drivers from the cd-drivers.img
floppy image, and then the install process works good.

I get the floppy images today on :


My system is :
	64Mo ram
	200Mo HD
	2 nics (3com isa & ne2k pci)

The installer run in low memory mode, and I run it in expert mode.

Note: I failed to load the cd-drivers after the net-drivers, but it
works in loading the cd-drivers first and then loading the net-drivers.

I'm sorry but I don't try the last floppy image from :


Hope it may help

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