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Re: Pointing users to d-i images on the main page

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> But as udebs are pushed into testing, what we need more and more of is
> people testing sarge_d-i so that we know if it works, and can decide
> when we're ready to cut tc2.  I'm not sure about other archs, but at
> least on alpha, the last remaining *known* showstopper is getting
> aboot-installer 0.0.11 into testing.

This leads me to one quesiton : why does the current sarge_d-i image
claims (when hitting F1 at the boot prompt) that it was built on

Is this because the netboot never change since then (but some packages
may have been pushed into testing after this date) or because all
packages there are older than 20040528?

This is still quite puzzling.

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