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Bug#254830: Please include firewire for network installs

Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> I have a USB/Firewire combo card in my alpha. Under 2.4.26 I can get a
> network interface by simply inserting eth1394 and ohci1394 (and then,
> as usual, bringing it up with ifconfig). This interface has been
> sucessfully used to transfere >1 GB from my PPC based ibook. So
> Ethernet over Firewire seems to work at least on alpha and ppc (and,
> according to reports on the net, also on x86). Hence it would be
> great, if debian-installer offered to probe for firewire as well, so
> installs over firewire would be possible. Given that three archs
> support it and the extra effort is quite limited, even if only few people
> might use it, it would enhance the *coolness* quite a lot (especially 
> given all the serious discussions about patents, freenes, etc.). Btw.
> the driver author has a @debian-address as well :-))

The ohci1394 module should be loaded if discover1 finds and recognises
your firewire controller on the PCI bus. If it doesn't, send us lspci
and lspci -n output, and we can fix discover1.

I'm not sure what is needed to determine there is a firewire ethernet
interface and load eth1394. We could simply always try to load this
module if ohci1394 is loaded, similar to how we always load sbp2 for
firewire CDs. Any info you can provide about how to probe if a firewire
ethernet is there would be useful.

see shy jo

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