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Out of sync udebs

Hello All,

the following udebs are currently in testing, but out of sync between
architectures, and should be resynced for the release candidate:

archdetect              alpha 0.100; other 0.101
bogl-bterm-udeb         i386, powerpc 0.1.18-1; other 0.1.17-1
cdebootstrap-udeb       arm, sparc 0.2.3; other 0.2.4
choose-mirror           arm, sparc 0.0.44; other 0.0.45
debootstrap-udeb        arm, sparc 0.2.3; other 0.2.4
di-utils-bootfloppy     alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56
di-utils-mapdevfs       alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56
di-utils-shell          alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56
evms-udeb               arm, sparc 2.3.1-1; other 2.3.1-2
fdisk-udeb              m68k 0.7.1-5; mips 2.12-5; mipsel 2.12-4; s390 2.11n-4.1; sparc N/A; other 2.12-6
kbd-chooser             s390 0.26; other 0.54
lvm2-udeb               hppa, mips, mipsel 2.00.15-3; other 2.00.08-4
netcfg                  s390 0.22; other 0.63
netcfg-dhcp             s390 0.22; other 0.63
netcfg-static           s390 0.61; other 0.63
partconf                s390 0.30; other 0.31
partconf-find-partitions s390 0.30; other 0.31
partconf-mkfstab        s390 0.30; other 0.31

There are some more udebs in testing-proposed-updates, I completely
ignored those. Of the ones above, some are probably obsolete or
useless for some architectures and should be removed. The fdisk-udeb
seems to be a special case for m68k (and sparc).

My best guess is currently:

- fdisk-udeb: Specialcase m68k, sparc. Sync the rest to 2.12-6.
- kbd-chooser: Remove for s390, drop s390 from Architecture: if it is
               still there.
- netcfg: Likewise.
- netcfg-dhcp: Likewise.
- Everything else: Sync with the newest version.


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