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Re: Out of sync udebs

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> the following udebs are currently in testing, but out of sync between
> architectures, and should be resynced for the release candidate:

Note that there's an automatically generated page with this info and
much more at http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/d-i/testing-summary.html

The best way to get things synced up is to follow the instructions to
add annotations to that page.

> archdetect              alpha 0.100; other 0.101

I've pushed this to testing.

> bogl-bterm-udeb         i386, powerpc 0.1.18-1; other 0.1.17-1

I'm being perhaps too catious here, but I'm not pushing this in for
other arches right now, unless I'm told it works and there's a reason to
do so (which is why i386 and powerpc were updated to the new one).
There's a small possibility the changes could break other arches, and
the gain of getting things synced up is not high enough.

> cdebootstrap-udeb       arm, sparc 0.2.3; other 0.2.4

Not used by d-i, and there is a small but nonzero chance some change in
this package could break d-i (by doing something with dependencies, for
example), so again the gain at this point of syncing is outweighed.

(I could get it removed from testing, I guess, until and unless d-i uses

> choose-mirror           arm, sparc 0.0.44; other 0.0.45


> debootstrap-udeb        arm, sparc 0.2.3; other 0.2.4

Must have changed since your mail, it's currently at on all

> di-utils-bootfloppy     alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56
> di-utils-mapdevfs       alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56
> di-utils-shell          alpha, arm, sparc 0.54; other 0.56

I should check to see why my script doesn't notice these, but I'm too
busy. Anyway, pushed.

> evms-udeb               arm, sparc 2.3.1-1; other 2.3.1-2

Syncing evms would require updating all arches to the new upstream
version 2.3.4-1. I've had no reports about how that works with d-i, and
we're not at a point in the release cycle where new upstream versions
are put into sarge anyway, unless they fix a known RC bug.

> fdisk-udeb              m68k 0.7.1-5; mips 2.12-5; mipsel 2.12-4; s390 2.11n-4.1; sparc N/A; other 2.12-6
> - fdisk-udeb: Specialcase m68k, sparc. Sync the rest to 2.12-6.

This is another mess that my page somehow doesn't detect. Since you've
investigated this, what's the special case with m68k and sparc with this

> kbd-chooser             s390 0.26; other 0.54

Now it's 0.54 everywhere.

> lvm2-udeb               hppa, mips, mipsel 2.00.15-3; other 2.00.08-4

lvm2 was updated on a few arches where the new upstream version fixed
lvm on that arch. The abovementioned policies have kept me from updating
it elsewhere at the moment.

> netcfg                  s390 0.22; other 0.63
> netcfg-dhcp             s390 0.22; other 0.63
> netcfg-static           s390 0.61; other 0.63
> partconf                s390 0.30; other 0.31
> partconf-find-partitions s390 0.30; other 0.31
> partconf-mkfstab        s390 0.30; other 0.31

I could update s390 to 0.70, but I'm not bothering with s390 updates
until we have a working installer for s390. At that point I'll probably
just update _all_ the s390 stuff in sarge to the then-working versions
in sid. It's not worth the bother until then.

> - kbd-chooser: Remove for s390, drop s390 from Architecture: if it is
>                still there.
> - netcfg: Likewise.
> - netcfg-dhcp: Likewise.

I'll bet that architecture removals need to be done by hand for udebs.
Can someone (Waldi?) get me a complete list of obsolete s390 udebs in
sarge to remove?

see shy jo

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