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Bug#253102: Installation on a recent ibook G4 (Beta 4)

Hello Dennis,
On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 09:09:55PM +0200, Dennis Stampfer wrote:
> > > [timezone-conf] Wrong german quotes
> uhm, sorry. Where?

Should after the reboot, when »Konfiguration der Zeitzone« is the
title of the template. There " are used instead of » and «.

> > >   ->Error in translation:
> > >     -statt dem Root-Account
> > >     +statt des Root-Accounts
> sorry, I can't find that. Is this while setting up passwords and user?
> (shadow)

I think so. But if you cannot find it, it's probably already fixed.

> yeah, the new one should be on it's way already..


Thanks for taking care


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