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Bug#253033: installation-reports

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Hmmm. That wasn't very successful. Netcfg loaded fine off the CD, but
> only after I loaded it by hand. The 3c59x driver for the network card
> in the test machine just didn't get loaded.
> Looking at the *nic* .udebs on the image, they seem quite old (9th
> May); is that normal?

So I had a look at this CD. It seems to have a rather old d-i initrd on
it, with a 2.4.25 kernel. This is a problem, since all the kernel udebs
on the CD are for the 2.4.26 kernel. I noticed when partman didn't have
support for the ext3 filesystem, since ext3-modules was not loaded as
there was no version for 2.4.25 on the CD. Your nic modules problem is
probably the same.

The initrd on the CD is version 20040429, which is the one for d-i
beta4. I don't know why the full CDs are being built against the beta4
initrds, but this is a problem.

I told jigdo to use
and my iso has a md5sum of f0b66636c58c4d2e455f26db5519bff5.

see shy jo, hoping Manty's new mail filtering will work

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