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Bug#253033: installation-reports

Peter Yellman wrote:
> http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/cd/jigdo-area/i386/sarge-i386-1.jigdo 
> Multiple attempts -- at least 5.  Tried linux, expert, linux26, 
> expert26. Never offered the opportunity to configure network.  Tried 
> with 2 different NICs - a common Macronix, and an Intel e100.  Installer 
> seemed to see NIC -- module was loaded in alt console, but never started 
> network configuration.

This is a known problem with the full CDs, depsite numerous requests to
the debian-cd guys to fix this, they do not include the netcfg udeb
necessary to get the network configured. They also don't include a
usable set of packages to get X working, or some hardware working
post-install, so I cannot recommend you use them if you want a working
system -- use the netinst CDs.

> Selecting network module in expert mode resulted 
> in message to the effect "requested module not available".

Please don't paraphrase error messages. What exactly did you select from
the menu, and what was the exact error message you received?

see shy jo

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