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Re: Status of the shadow package

Quoting kcr@debian.org (kcr@debian.org):

> Christian: please NMU away.

Sorry, it's likely I misunderstand that one sentence (not English
native, remember..:-))). Does this mean I can NMU or rather you ask me to
temporarily avoid NMU's? I've better asking (and look like the dumb
English speaker I am) rather than making mistakes...:-)

> I will look into options for making the repository more available to you
> (and I should take a second look at alioth.)

Alioth, or elsewhere, by the way. Alioth is more convenient for
general commit access to d-i translators but this could also be

Aliotht system administation has received some criticisms recently,
even by some d-i contributors....so I would perfectly understand if
you're not confident with Alioth

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