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Re: Status of the shadow package

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

    Christian> Quoting Sam Hartman (hartmans@debian.org):
    >> If you were annoyed that it took too long to deal with
    >> translation NMUs then you probably should have asked for
    >> permission to make arbitrary 0-day NMUs for translation
    >> purposes.

    Christian> Hmmm, wel I think I did ask. At least, I announced all
    Christian> NMU's and took the lack of answer as an agreement.

    Christian> So, it may seem to you there's no problem. However, I'm
    Christian> not comfortable in doing NMU's without explicit
    Christian> agreement and keep this situation going on. This was
    Christian> basically the reason I mailed again Karl and you.

OK.  I have no authority with the package so we're both waiting for
Karl to deal.

It's my opinion though that your NMU work is very easy to integrate
because you generate single patches that can be cleanly applied.  It
seems like one of the two  following ideas would work going forward:

* Give you permission to upload translations as NMUs  immediately.

* Move the repository to alioth or something else where you can be
  given commit access.

If we don't here from Karl on his thoughts on these issues within a
day or two, I'll ask him in person to read this.


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