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Status of the shadow package

Hello Karl and Sam,

During Debconf4, there has been some discussions within the d-i team
and some maintainers of Custom Debian Distributions (mostly
Skolelinux) about the status of the Debian package for shadow.

As you have obviously noticed, I have NMU'ed the package four times
last month, mostly for l10n considerations. The installer team has built
a strong team of translators which have all made a huge work
for bringing a lot of translations to core d-i and the related
packages, including shadow.

This is basically why I did these NMUs. I also fixed one or two
usability bugs in passwd.config but tried to be very conservative
there...(not enough, indeed, as I managed to break it once)

The discussions we had lead to the conclusion that closer attention
needs to be done with this package. We're currently considering
building a project on alioth for the package maintenance so that more
people may help maintaining it....which of course includes you both. 

This is not a takeover....or at least not yet (well, if we do not get
any answer, you may imagine some takeover will happen)....but a
proposal for a wider collaborative maintenance which should probably
benefit all of us.

Indeed, several people over there in Brazil told me "just take over
this package, Christian". I don't want to, for two reasons:

-my shoulders are a bit not wide enough and I can't add all this
weight on them...:-)

-I certainly don't want to be rude in any matter towards you and a
simple takeover *would* be rude

What is your feeling about this? If you run short of time, please just
drop a very short word so that we can have an idea of where we
currently are going....


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