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Bug#248047: Cobalt install

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 06:48:25PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> > installation report revealing a show-stopper:
> The show-stopper is the network configuration, right?


> I'll forward this to the netcfg maintainer.  Can you check in
> /var/log/debian-installer/package-versions which version of netcfg was
> used?
> But if you did the install today, I guess it was 0.64.  Yeah, must be
> 0.64.


> That's okay because those modules are only optional modules; those
> which are required were not shown.  Did the menu not make that clear?

No, that was quite clear; I just mentioned it to make the install
report as reproducible as possible.

> > [many hours later... boy, is that box sloooow!]
> Really?  It takes about 45 minutes here (fast network connection).
> How long does it take for you (roughly)?

I didn't look at the clock, but 45 mins sounds about right -- y'know,
when you're used to installing woody on 1GHz++ machines...

> > - in base-config, there's no visual indication of the active button --
> >   both look exactely like this (i.e. no bold or inverse or stuff,
> >   cursor is somewhere else):
> >  . Is the hardware clock set to GMT?                                         .  
> >  .                    <Yes>                       <No>                       .  
> Did you do the installation without a colour-enabled terminal program?

I'm using minicom in an rxvt, both from woody; I think I've never seen
color in minicom.

> > - line editing characters (^U, ^A, ...) don't work in text entry fields.
> Do you know if that worked before?

It does work in the woody installer, and it did work in the original
installation test (during base-config).

> Ah, thanks for testing.  I'll try to get the ext2 revision 0 program
> pushed into testing before Sunday, so if you could do an installation
> of "testing" on Sunday this would be appreciated.  This should work
> 100% without any problems, and if there are any, we have to fix them
> for rc1.

OK, I'll try to find the time.



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