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Bug#248047: Cobalt install

* christian mock <cm@tahina.priv.at> [2004-05-20 19:05]:
> > > >  - support installs via SSH, w/o serial console
> > > Definitely. And an option to set the serial baudrate (from CoLo
> > > onwards) to other speeds, i.e. 9600 like god intended.
> > 
> > d-i and colo should just support any baud rate... however, I have no
> > idea how to change the Cobalt to something else.  Do you know?
> I don't think you can change the baud rate used by the cobalt firmware
> -- my idea would have been to let colo and the following steps use a
> different speed than 115200, but I've got no idea how to tell colo
> about it.

Peter, do you know how the baud rate can be changed on Cobalt?
Martin Michlmayr

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