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Re: Inconsistency wrt to ellipsis (...)

Quoting Nikolai Prokoschenko (nikolai@prokoschenko.de):

> I wonder what happened to that. At some point all the templates started
> using "hard disk" instead of "storage device". Well, I *do* find "hard
> disk" better, i'm just wondering whether there has been discussion or a
> ... hm... resolution.

I don't remember such discussion. I think changing this is a bit late
now as this would require translation updates (of course, we could
change this and unfuzzy translations....but that would mean that
translators who followed the inconsistencies will never now that an
effort was made for removing them)

> > >   - One or two space between sentences (Two of course!)
> > Bleh. Anyway, if *this* is changed, translations need unfuzzification.
> Apart from that, you seem to know why two spaces are needed. Any
> justification on to the point of why?

English typography in computers. Indeed, nearly all languages use "One
space and a half" in their printed works typography rules. Of course,
rendering this in a world where spaces have a fixed width is

So, it became a usage that English uses two spaces for separating
sentences in the same paragraph (I've seen other explanations where
using one or two spaces depends whether there is some continuity
between the sentences).

In French, there are *never* two spaces.

This is why I write that it's up to translators to get their own
language typographical use.

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