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Re: work wanted

Quoting Jean-Michel POURE (jm@poure.com):
> > Hindi, or other Indian
> > languages, are among the most needed languages.
> Dear Christian,
> I have been looking for Hindi translators for pgAdmin III and was not able to 
> find any. You may find useful to to register the following mailing lists and 
> ask for help (you may be more lucky than me):
> indlinux-group@lists.sourceforge.net
> indlinux-gujarati@lists.sourceforge.net
> indlinux-marathi@lists.sourceforge.net
> indlinux-oriya@lists.sourceforge.net
> indlinux-telugu@lists.sourceforge.net

Thanks a lot for the pointers. I guess all these lists are about
translations in the various languages from India. So I assume that
indlinux-group is some kind of general group list.

Pankaj, Rajesh, do you have some knowledge about these groups?

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