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Re: work wanted

Quoting Pankaj Kaushal (penguinhead@linux-delhi.org):
> hello all,
> I just joined the list and was wondering if there was any work that I 
> could help with. I am not familiar with the new boot infact i have never 
> even used it. So I guess I can start by doing some testing and stuff.
> I was wondering if anyone was doing translations for Indian languages 
> and if they needed any help.

Oh, yes you can.

And you can exactly like you suggested : workin on Indian languages

As the self-appointed d-i l10n coordinator, I'm seeking for people
able to do new languages translations. Hindi, or other Indian
languages, are among the most needed languages.

Until now, I got some contacts from Rajesh Menon who offered help in
working on hi translations. However, Rajesh recently moved and so may
not get as free time as needed for doing this alone...or doing this at

What I suggest you is reading docs and information pointed at:


Look at the "I want to help" section there and especially
which is pointed...

You can contact me by e-mail on on IRC (#debian-boot on
irc.debian.org, most often 09:00-17:00 GMT+0200) or
bubulle@jabber.org.uk on Jabber (but less often)

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