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Re: Inconsistency wrt to ellipsis (...)

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > d-i is not consistent in the use of ...  For example, partman writes:
> >     Scanning disks ...
> > whereas base-config writes
> >     Installing core packages...
> > and most *-installer packages don't use dots in their progress notes
> > at all.
> > 
> > Can we
> >   a) agree on one usage
> >   b) document this (together with other common debconf usages in d-i)
> >   c) get someone to unify the existing messages
> I vote for a space after, note that dpkg and apt are not consistent
> either. :-) I think that more of d-i uses a space than not, we inherited
> some strings from debootstrap without spaces, iirc.

When mentioning "space after", I suppose you mean "space *before* the
ellipsis", right?

There is certainly some typographical rule, in english, for
ellipsis. Let's ask debian-l10n-english, if this list is alive....:-)

In french, ellipsis (called "points de suspension", by the way) are
treated just like dots. So, no space before and one space after.

If we decide changes in d-i, this needs to be done with translations
unfuzzyfication. Which is not completely trivial, by the way...:-)

I counted 67 different ellipsis in d-i templates. 30 of these use a
space before and 37 no space.

Changing this is thus far from trivial....

Folks, just decide whether there should be a space or not and I'll
change this (I'm very good for these boring half-technical/no-coding
things....let's save your valuable time....:-))

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