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Re: Bosnian language

On 11.V.2004 at 14:04 (+0200) Safir Secerovic Linux Zagor wrote:
> What is the fuss about all this.  Bosnian is the native language
> spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina by those people who consider
> themselves Bosnians.

I feel I am missing something here.  The debian installer supports
Bosnian and will continue to support it provided you or someone else
translates the texts to Bosnian.

> Those Serbian and Croatians not willing to translate Debian apps to
> their language, well it is their problem, right?

Sure.  Ofcourse everything in the Debian installer is GPL so if some
Serbian or Croatian wants to reuse your translation for his/her own
language it is his/her right to do so.

Anton Zinoviev

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