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Bosnian language

What is the fuss about all this.
Bosnian is the native language spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina by 
those people who consider themselves Bosnians. It is officially 
recognized spoken language in the world!!!
It is a mixture of native old 
glish and other terms. It's grammar is 90% similar as in serbian and 
croatian. But it is a language on its own. I'm working hard these day 
to translate all three stages of debian-installer on my own. So please 
do not try to impede my efforts. Otherwise, I hate politics, but if you 
continue with Bosnian=Serbian I just might quit using Debian 
alltogether. Those Serbian and Croatians not willing to translate 
Debian apps to their language, well it is their problem, right?
All others:
Leave Bosnia and our language alone for God's sake.

Safir Secerovic

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