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Bug#248102: Bug#248055: debian-installer installs compressed kernel that yaboot can't boot; has /proc problem


Yesterday I ran the 20040509 jigdo CD sarge installer (the latest one I
found), on my PowerBook G4, and the installation went fine up to the
step where it couldn't find an appropriate kernel.  The /proc problem
in yaboot-installer indeed seems to be fixed (this ISO included
yaboot-installer_0.0.19).  Also, rather than installing an
inappropriate kernel, the debian installer (I don't know which
version) gave me the pop-up message:

            [!!] Install the base system
             No installable kernel found

  No installable kernel was found in the defined APT sources.
  The current default kernel package is 'kernel-image'.
  You may try to continue though this rather strange error is probably fatal.

This is a big improvement.  Now the next thing remaining to be fixed
is to put an appropriate "powerpc-pmac" kernel onto CD1, or to provide
a way for users to add to the set of sources (e.g. by configuring a
network connection along with the CDROM) so they can download an
appropriate kernel during the install.

	John Gilmore

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