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Bug#248055: debian-installer installs compressed kernel that yaboot can't boot; has /proc problem

Package: debian-installer
Version: (from 20040502 sarge install CD1 from jigdo)

Two problems with installation, both fatal.  Doing install on
brand-new PowerBook G4 (with 12" screen).

My system was already partitioned from a previous attempt to install Sarge,
and it had a first-stage and a yaboot installed from the previous attempt.

(1)  The installer went OK until I reached the stage "Install yaboot loader".
There it said "Looking for root partition", then popped up a message box:
  Failed to mount /target/proc
  Mounting the /proc filesystem on /target/proc failed
  Please check the system log or the output on the third console (tty3).
  Warning: Your system may be unbootable!

It took me several tries to switch to tty3 (because the PowerBook has
a fucked up keyboard without an obviously working Alt key and obviously
working Function keys).  (Various of my attempts resulted in the screen
changing, with further popups.)  By the time I got to tty3, I could see
nothing resembling an error message.

I switched to the tty2 shell and determined that /target/proc was
already mounted.  I unmounted it from the shell.  Then I switched
back to tty1 and asked it to try "Install yaboot loader" again.  This
time it worked, or appeared to work.  I did the "set debconf level"
menu item, then did the "finish installation" item and it rebooted.

(2)  Upon reboot, the first-stage boot came up, I let it default to Linux,
yaboot came up, and I let it default.  However it couldn't find the kernel:

  boot:  linux
  Please wait, loading kernel...
  /pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk@0:12,/vmlinux: No such file or directory

I rebooted the CD and got to a shell.  Fsck'd and mounted the root
partition (fsck found no errors).  In / is vmlinuz (with a z), not
vmlinux (with an x).

Yaboot can't boot a vmlinuz, but debian-installer is installing one.
Yaboot would like to boot a vmlinux, but there is none there.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: ppc

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