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Bug#247037: installation-reports

retitle 247037 maybe show aptitude/dselect screen again
severity 247037 wishlist
reassign 247037 base-config

* Mathieu PERESSE <thieum@myrealbox.com> [2004-05-04 00:27]:
> Yes, i just press 'q' in aptitude, it takes me directly to the exim 
> configuration.
> If, say, I want to install something, I have to reinvoke any install 
> software in the shell
> (I can do it because I know, but for some beginner it can be disappointing 
> not to see the installation method screen again...)

Ah.  Well, after configuring exim, it should display some last screen
(if I remember correctly), and if you press "back" there you should
get a menu showing all options (this is from memory, I might be

Martin Michlmayr

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