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Bug#247037: installation-reports

> After the install and after the system reboots, it prompts the user
> to select an install method.  I choosed aptitude. Then I quit
> aptitude but the system took me directly to the prompt, not asking
> me if I was really done installing stuff...

How odd... can you reproduce this problem?

Yes, i just press 'q' in aptitude, it takes me directly to the exim configuration. If, say, I want to install something, I have to reinvoke any install software in the shell (I can do it because I know, but for some beginner it can be disappointing not to see the installation method screen again...)

-> Another thing: exim is taking a long time to start...
My network card is activated ans has got an IP address though..
didn't check any logs and stuff sorry ;-)

Martin Michlmayr

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