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Bug#247037: installation-reports

* Mathieu PERESSE <thieum@myrealbox.com> [2004-05-03 00:48]:
> When I press Alt+F2,3 or 4 I can see the consoles but when I want to switch 
> back to the install screen (Alt+F1), the display is buggy (vertical lines + 
> some colors but no characters)

This is a known problem.

> DHCP server lookup is too long.

Hmm, it's only 10 seconds... but there is a wishlist bug asking to
have a button where you can cancel DHCP.

> Grub doesn't propose me to load Windows (on another physical drive).

This is implemented, but due to a bug the ntfs module is not loaded...
if you load it by hand, your Windows partition should be found.

> After the install and after the system reboots, it prompts the user
> to select an install method.  I choosed aptitude. Then I quit
> aptitude but the system took me directly to the prompt, not asking
> me if I was really done installing stuff...

How odd... can you reproduce this problem?

Martin Michlmayr

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