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Bug#229128: installation

clone 229128 -1
reassign -1 partman-auto
retitle -1 Goes back to same menu, and needs better description
reassign 229128 grub-installer
retitle 229128 Problems installin to something else than MBR

* Brian R Drell <drell@mail.hep.utexas.edu> [2004-05-03 16:06]:
> The initial partitioning screen gave 2 options -- erase whole disk, or 
> manually partition.  I chose manually partition, as I was installing on 
> a spare partition on my main box.  From there, you can go to something 
> like "walk-through partitioning" which takes you back to the previous 
> screen.  You might think about just calling this "return to previous 
> screen".  Also, it doesn't really walk you through anything there, does 
> it?  only 2 options...  Maybe this is just my impression, but it seems 
> like things could be worded a little differently.  If you'd like me to 
> further elaborate, please let me know.

I'm reassigning this bug to partman-auto.  I hope the author will get
back to you.

> Next, the grub installation, when not installing to MBR, needs to be 
> more clear on Grub partitioning scheme.  Also, I installed everything to 
> /dev/hdb7, my spare partition, and told grub-installer to install to 
> (hd0,6) -- I only have 1 hd, so it's hd0 under grub -- and it didn't 
> work.  I was going to chainload the Debian installed Grub from my normal 
> one installed with my Gentoo system.  I told it to install to /dev/hdb7, 
> and it worked fine.  I'd say, either leave off the Grub partitioning 
> thing altogether and just use /dev references, or make the Grub stuff 
> more clear.  Not sure why it didn't work when I told it (hd0,6) but did 
> when I told it /dev/hdb7.

Same, I'm reassigning this to grub-installer.

> Lastly, the base system configurator only lets me add one apt source. 
> The old installer lets me add as many as I want, and I always thought 
> this was a good thing.  I'm glad that security updates are added by 
> default, but I'd still like to be asked by default if I want to install 
> non-US and non-free software.  If not by default, then the configurator 
> needs to ask me at the beginning what debconf priority I want.

When you hit "go back", you'll be dropped into a menu.  There, you
have the option to change the debconf priority.  non-US is virtually
obsolete, and most people don't need non-free anymore.
Martin Michlmayr

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