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Bug#247051: Package: installation-reports - laptop /lvm root

* Gordon Heydon <gordon@heydon.com.au> [2004-05-03 12:06]:
> I am not sure, I testing under vmware last time, this time I found a
> spare hd for my laptop that I could use, so I tested on that instead.

And the PCMCIA was not found here?

> > > 2. again when creating lvm disk pvcreate was not executed.
> > > 3. when installing on the base system the devices for the lvm was not created 
> > >    in the chroot'ed environment, so the kernel was unable to install.
> > 
> > Hmm, I'll investigate this tomorrow.  Did you run pvcreate by hand, or
> > how did you get lvm to work if pvcreate was not run?
> > 
> Yes to get past this, I had to run pvcreate by hand, and then I was able
> to proceed with the creation of the filesystems and loading of the core
> system.

On the device you wanted to create an LVM partition on, did this
partition have an existing Linux (or something else) partition
already, or was it a fresh disk?
Martin Michlmayr

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