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Re: PCMCIA CD-ROM drive missing ide-cs.o on sarge floppies

Andrew Scott wrote:
> Are you saying it was added to the CD driver floppy? That would be right.
> Missed it by a week. :)

No, it was added to the CD itself.

> Yes - I have to boot from floppies. The Portege 3480 does support booting
> from CD, but I think last time I tried to boot Debian from CD it had
> problems with the image format. (I understand it can only boot into a 1.4MB
> image?) To be honest, I didn't try again with the sarge/testing CD.

I suggest you try again with the beta4 CD. It should support your drive,
assuming the drive can boot it.

> But the pcmcia modules are on the Net driver floppy. So I load them from
> there. The single missing module was ide-cs.o

Ok, I've added it to the cd-drivers floppy, will be in the next daily

see shy jo

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