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Bug#230346: base-config problem during testing installation

* Mike Surridge <ms@surridge.net> [2004-01-30 12:15]:
> Everything OK until running base-config after the reboot.  Here base-config 
> seemed unable to track which steps had been completed.  The first problem 
> was in configuring APT sources - in my case http using www.mirror.ac.uk.  I 
> set these options, and the package lists were downloaded OK, but then the 
> config script repeatedly asked me to re-enter the APT sources, but without 
> downloading again.  After a few repeats I hit "Cancel" and returned to the 
> main menu, manually shifted to "Select packages to install" and everything 

This has been fixed.

> After selecting and installing packages using aptitude, the script then 
> asked me for MTA configuration options.  After entering these the script 
> returned me to the main menu, but still at the point "Configure the MTA".  
> Manual selection of the subsequent option worked OK.

Strange... this might mean that the MTA configuration didn't work
properly.  Can you please try the new beta4 release and see if that
Martin Michlmayr

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