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PCMCIA CD-ROM drive missing ide-cs.o on sarge floppies


I downloaded some of the official sarge/testing CDs last week, and had a
bit of trouble with the installer recognising my CD-ROM drive.

I have a Toshiba Portege 3480 and its (TEAC) floppy is USB and its (TARGA)
CD-ROM is PCMCIA. I created the set of 4 floppies for install (boot, root,
CD drivers, net drivers) and started it up.

However, the CD-ROM could not be recognised. In the set of modules on the
two drivers disks, the required ide/legacy/ide-cs.o file was missing.

I had to load CD-ROM #1 on another Debian install, find
kernel-pcmcia-modules-2.4.25-1-386 and "dpkg --unpack" it. Copy this onto
a disk, then boot off the floppies again.

Dropping into a shell, I copied the file into
/lib/modules/2.4.25-1-386/kernel/drivers and all was good.

Can this file be included in the default set of boot floppies?

Andrew Scott

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