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Re: d-i beta4 release process retrospective (long)


> Would something like this somewhere on the web site be helpful?

yes, please add it ;-)

> Debian-Installer CD builds
> There are a number of different builds of the Debian-Installer CD images
> that serve different purposes.
> The most important build is the current official release, currently
> beta5 of the installer. These images are static and unchanging, and are
> the ones mostly likely to work for most people. While testing of these
> images is still useful, most problems with them are well known by the
> team within a few weeks of their release. See the errata page for the
> worst of the known issues.
> The other most commonly used builds are the daily builds. These are our
> freshest images, and thus the most likely to be broken, but also the
> most likely to have fun and exciting new features. Instllation reports
> using these images are very valuable to us. New CD images produced each
> day, containing the latest packages from sarge. Since these images use
> the version of the installer from the unstable distribution, they are
> also known as "sid_d-i" images, although they still install sarge.
> Our third set of builds is only useful near a release. These are CD
> images containing the version of the installer in sarge, and the latest
> packages from sarge. They're called "sarge_d-i" images, and are intended
> for final testing just before release. At release time, one of these
> images is picked and becomes the official release image. Between
> releases, these images are not very interesting, or useful. Near a
> release the links to daily CD builds will be switched to point to these
> images, so that they can get testing; so don't bother trying to download
> something from the sarge_d-i directory by hand.

I would also like to see more comments on 
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ports-status explaining what 
status "building" means, e.g. for oldworld-floppy it means "working, but 
legal problems with miboot". And I guess all oldworld-builds should (also) 
get the comment "doesn't install quik and set open firmware properly"


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