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Re: d-i beta4 release process retrospective (long)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> About this topic, I have discovered that it's quite difficult for
> someone a bit novice into Debian CD images organisation to find WHICH
> image is really the release candidate.
> The differences between sarge_di, sid_di, daily builds and so on is
> far from obvious when you don't work daily with D-I (and even if you
> do work daily).
> Having a (even manually maintained) link to the appropriate ISO images
> would probably help a lot.

We do have a link, the "daily" part of the urls. It should have been
pointed at the sarge_d-i links during this week, but I forgot.

Would something like this somewhere on the web site be helpful?

Debian-Installer CD builds

There are a number of different builds of the Debian-Installer CD images
that serve different purposes.

The most important build is the current official release, currently
beta5 of the installer. These images are static and unchanging, and are
the ones mostly likely to work for most people. While testing of these
images is still useful, most problems with them are well known by the
team within a few weeks of their release. See the errata page for the
worst of the known issues.

The other most commonly used builds are the daily builds. These are our
freshest images, and thus the most likely to be broken, but also the
most likely to have fun and exciting new features. Instllation reports
using these images are very valuable to us. New CD images produced each
day, containing the latest packages from sarge. Since these images use
the version of the installer from the unstable distribution, they are
also known as "sid_d-i" images, although they still install sarge.

Our third set of builds is only useful near a release. These are CD
images containing the version of the installer in sarge, and the latest
packages from sarge. They're called "sarge_d-i" images, and are intended
for final testing just before release. At release time, one of these
images is picked and becomes the official release image. Between
releases, these images are not very interesting, or useful. Near a
release the links to daily CD builds will be switched to point to these
images, so that they can get testing; so don't bother trying to download
something from the sarge_d-i directory by hand.

> I also tend to think that we should probably now slow our tendency to
> add each and every bell and whistle we're thinking about...:-)
> It's probably near time to consolidate the whole stuff : the
> partitioning tool now receives good user input for instance as well as
> other major areas. More or less, MD support should be the very last
> big thing to come in......and even this will be hard to test properly.
> All d-i developers should probably now focus on testing testing
> testing. I am probably influenced by the last minute discover that we
> indeed did NOT support OS detection. This has been fixed but still not
> tested yet.....and this was discovered only because I had a machine
> ready for testing this, which I could broke, along with half an hour
> free at work.....

I agree that testing and bug fixing should be more important than new
features for the next release. The most important thing will have to be
getting all architectures and as many subarchitectures as possible

see shy jo

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