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Re: d-i beta4 release process retrospective (long)

> Facilitate better testing.

About this topic, I have discovered that it's quite difficult for
someone a bit novice into Debian CD images organisation to find WHICH
image is really the release candidate.

The differences between sarge_di, sid_di, daily builds and so on is
far from obvious when you don't work daily with D-I (and even if you
do work daily).

Having a (even manually maintained) link to the appropriate ISO images
would probably help a lot.

I also tend to think that we should probably now slow our tendency to
add each and every bell and whistle we're thinking about...:-)

It's probably near time to consolidate the whole stuff : the
partitioning tool now receives good user input for instance as well as
other major areas. More or less, MD support should be the very last
big thing to come in......and even this will be hard to test properly.

All d-i developers should probably now focus on testing testing
testing. I am probably influenced by the last minute discover that we
indeed did NOT support OS detection. This has been fixed but still not
tested yet.....and this was discovered only because I had a machine
ready for testing this, which I could broke, along with half an hour
free at work.....

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