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Sec: Unclassified Debian-installer ide cd problems?


I have cd burner (Aopen 52x) and dvd-rom (generic JVC) drives in my PC (both
IDE), which I have tried using to boot the first Debian Sarge iso containing
the Debian-installer. The cd boots no problems, and enters Debian-Installer.
After doing the hardware checks, Debian-Installer complains about not having
the ide-scsi module, when clearly it doesn't need it to install (it should
only require the ide-cd module). The install process fails to continue past
this point. Here is a list of things I have tried to resolve the issue:

 - downloading the boot, root and cd drivers floppies
 - attempting to get Debian-Installer to load the udebs off the floppy,
which it isn't clear how to do (when booting from cd)
 - booting off the boot/root floppies and when asked to load a floppy
containing the drivers I need, giving it the cd drivers      floppy
 - manually getting all the udebs related to SCSI/kernel from the Debian
site, and attempting to load them manually in the shell using udpkg
- Asking questions on debianhelp.org, to which no one could answer
- Asking via IRC, again no answer (yes, I ask nicely)
- Installing Woody from cd (which has never had problems) and doing a
upgrade to Sarge using the cd's (it comes up with an error on disk 3 or 4
about an invalid template, and fails beyond this point, creating a system
that is unusable)
- Talking to my fellow LUG members about the problem, none of which knew any
sought of answer, other then "It didn't have that problem on my PC"

Unfortunately, doing a net install is out of the question, as I cant get
broardband in my area and am stuck with dialup. If you could point me in the
right direction, it would be much appreciated.



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