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Bug#229325: One msg still not fixed in beta4

Quoting Wang WenRui (wangwr@ustc.edu):
> Hi,
>   There are two phrases "choose country" in the countrychooser need to
>   be fixed(changed to "Choose a country, territory or area"). While only
>   one of them is fixed in beta4. The left one is the main menu entry:
> 	#. Type: string
> 	#. Description
> 	#. Main menu entry
> 	#: ../templates-in:39
> 	msgid "Choose country"
> 	msgstr "Choisir le pays"
>   Please fixed that. Thanks.

No, we won't. Menu entries need to be short. The possible size for
menu entries is 54 characters, in ALL LANGUAGES. While using "Choose a
country, territory or area" would fit in English, this would add an
unnecessary verbosity to the main menu, which needs to be concise and

So, though the entry is a bit unaccurate or may hurt some political
feelings (again.....in these days we enlarge the European Community, I
begin to be really pissed off by political things, especially after
the surrealistic thread about what is Free and what is not), we will keep
"Choose a country". 

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