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Re: d-i beta4 release process retrospective (long)

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At 1 May 04 05:01:31 GMT,
Joey Hess wrote:
> This beta was by far the hardest for me (and probably others) of the
> four we've done, which is not too suprising, because each has been
> significantly harder then the one before it.

Good work, Joey.

> Freeze base during d-i freeze.
> 	It's very hard to aim for a release when half of the system
> 	being released is a moving target. This gave us the tty
> 	permissions problem, for example. It could be fixed by
> 	temporarily halting any base package progression to testing
> 	while d-i was in the throes of release.

I believe it is time to freeze base for targetting release
For d-i, 'base' is not only 'Section: base' but also all of packages
have relation with d-i.

- - debootstrap
- - installed packages by debootstrap
- - packages to create d-i udebs/installer

This needs help of each package maintainers, but we can avoid many
disasters by this freeze.

> 	The big problems with this are that the release team needs to be
> 	able to plan ahead, they have enough problem with there being no
> 	set date for the Debian release; and that this will need a lot
> 	more testing that we currently seem to muster. In fact, it
> 	almost calls out for automated testing -- automated installs on
> 	11 architectures with regression testing! -- to work.

Well, serious bugs (such as os-prober, sparc arch) are in beta4...
Can we release beta5 sooner than we planned?
Of course release management is too hard for only Joey and snapshot is
there, but 'release beta' calls more testers and catches more hidden
serious bugs.

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Kenshi Muto
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