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Re: Concerns for some translations of Debian Installer

Quoting Thiemo Seufer (ica2_ts@csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de):

> Beta4 is branched, according to Joey, so the trunk should be open
> for commits.

OK. I guess that as udebs should already have been uploaded,
translations commits should go into the trunk anyway.

However, I don't know whether Denis Barbier stats page (and thus
Seppy's stats pages) are done against the beta4 branch or against the

Denis, do you think you could re-activate the dual statisticswe had
during beta2 (one, nearly static, for beta4 statistics and another
one, updated every 2 hours, for the trunk).

The beta4 statistics will be needed as a reference, and for writing
the annoucement properly regarding l10n.

This is not a very high priority thing, so if you don't have time,
just forget about it : I have rough snapshots of the stats at the time
beta4 packages were released.

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