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Bug#241434: d-i: multiple paths for keyboard selector, "back" broken

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Having back go to a menu from which the user can pick any prior step, or
> get more control, is a reasonable compromise. There are probably better
> ones, like renaming the back button to "cancel" and having it always go to
> the menu, or something.

Having it called "Main menu" and always bring users to the main menu
would be indeed an interesting compromise, yes.

Problem : this is currently a standard widget from the newt
package. If we simply change it, we will affect all packages using it
in "normal" debconf operations, no?

Also, if we find a way to do this, we should try to avoid lowering the
debconf priority to medium....so this is indeed tricky as trying to go
back to main-menu with priority=high will never display the menu..:-)

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