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Bug#241434: d-i: multiple paths for keyboard selector, "back" broken

Yann Dirson wrote:
> 2. even then, why should "back" bring me to a menu I had not seen before ?
> AFAICT it should bring me to the previous choice-list, period.  A novice
> user may have doubts on what he previously selected, may realize that the
> previous choice was not the one he wanted, etc.  Dropping him into the menu
> is definitely an error IMHO.

While keeping track of the previous menu item and re-running it would
not be that hard, it's *very* difficult to jump back to the very last
question asked by the previous menu item. Implementing this would
require some kind of flag and large modifications to nearly every
program in debian installer. I think it might prove to be impossible to
do reliably for some programs. And it would certianly add a lot of
complexity everywhere.

Having back go to a menu from which the user can pick any prior step, or
get more control, is a reasonable compromise. There are probably better
ones, like renaming the back button to "cancel" and having it always go to
the menu, or something.

see shy jo

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