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Bug#241434: d-i: multiple paths for keyboard selector, "back" broken

On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 02:32:00PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> This is because priority has been lowered to low. The main-menu
> only shows up at medium priority. Same for keyboard type choice.

This sounds not too bad.

> Hitting "Back" at the keyboard choice screen automatically lowered the
> debconf priority. This is mostly a consequence of the general design
> of the installer, IIRC.

But this sounds quite strange:

1. just lowering the priority (as opposed to "setting to medium" may have
the consequence you describe below

2. even then, why should "back" bring me to a menu I had not seen before ?
AFAICT it should bring me to the previous choice-list, period.  A novice
user may have doubts on what he previously selected, may realize that the
previous choice was not the one he wanted, etc.  Dropping him into the menu
is definitely an error IMHO.

Especially, if what you describe is what hapenned, I first switched to
"medium" when hitting "back" in the layout list, and only to "high" after
seeing the "AT vs. USB" one.  Then the latter must be priority "medium", and
I should probably have seen it when hitting "back" (which would have been
highly counter-intuitive as well).

> Thus, you were on main menu at medium priority.
> Choosing back lowered the priority again.....and you end up with
> installing at "low" priority and be prompted on about everything....

s/low/high/ I suppose ?

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