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Bug#241434: d-i: multiple paths for keyboard selector, "back" broken

Quoting Yann Dirson (ydirson@altern.org):

> > Hitting "Back" at the keyboard choice screen automatically lowered the
> > debconf priority. This is mostly a consequence of the general design
> > of the installer, IIRC.
> But this sounds quite strange:
> 1. just lowering the priority (as opposed to "setting to medium" may have
> the consequence you describe below
> 2. even then, why should "back" bring me to a menu I had not seen before ?
> AFAICT it should bring me to the previous choice-list, period.  A novice
> user may have doubts on what he previously selected, may realize that the
> previous choice was not the one he wanted, etc.  Dropping him into the menu
> is definitely an error IMHO.

I can't say I disagree with you, indeed...I just say  that this seems
to be it is a design choice.

BUT, I may be wrong. Let's see comments about this BR. There has
already been strange things in the past with "Back" buttons.

> Especially, if what you describe is what hapenned, I first switched to
> "medium" when hitting "back" in the layout list, and only to "high" after
> seeing the "AT vs. USB" one.  Then the latter must be priority "medium", and
> I should probably have seen it when hitting "back" (which would have been
> highly counter-intuitive as well).

No, if what I described is correct, you started at "high" then were
lowered to "meidum" , then "low"

> > Thus, you were on main menu at medium priority.
> > 
> > Choosing back lowered the priority again.....and you end up with
> > installing at "low" priority and be prompted on about everything....
> s/low/high/ I suppose ?

No, really "low".

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