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Improved laptop support in d-i?

By default, d-i will detect the precense of PCMCIA/PCCARD support and
install the pcmcia-cs package.  Almost all machines with PCMCIA
support are laptops, and we should consider installing a few more
extra packacages for these machines.

In Debian-Edu, we install pcmcia-cs and apmd by default when PCMCIA is

I suspect d-i would be better for laptop users if it installed apmd as
well.  Perhaps ifplugd and noflushd are good packages to install as

  apmd - Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM)
  ifplugd - A configuration daemon for ethernet devices
  noflushd - allow idle hard disks to spin down
  sleepd - puts a laptop to sleep during inactivity

There are also some HW-dependent packages which could be installed as
well.  This might be better left to discover 2, where progeny was
discussing adding support for mapping from HW to debian packages.

  i810switch - Enables/disables video output to CRT/LCD on i810 video hardware
  i8kutils - Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptop utilities
  toshutils - Toshiba laptop utilities
  tpctl - IBM ThinkPad hardware configuration tools
  lphdisk - prepares hibernation partition for Phoenix NoteBIOS
  sjog - A program to use the "Jog Dial" on Sony Vaio Laptops
  spicctrl - Sony Vaio controller program to set LCD backlight brightness

It might also be a good idea to use noatime by default on laptops, to
reduce the disc acctivity and increase the chance of spinning the HD

Anyone with opinions?

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