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Re: Improved laptop support in d-i?

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com):
> By default, d-i will detect the precense of PCMCIA/PCCARD support and
> install the pcmcia-cs package.  Almost all machines with PCMCIA
> support are laptops, and we should consider installing a few more
> extra packacages for these machines.
> In Debian-Edu, we install pcmcia-cs and apmd by default when PCMCIA is
> detected.
> I suspect d-i would be better for laptop users if it installed apmd as
> well.  Perhaps ifplugd and noflushd are good packages to install as
> well??
>   apmd - Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM)
>   ifplugd - A configuration daemon for ethernet devices
>   noflushd - allow idle hard disks to spin down
>   sleepd - puts a laptop to sleep during inactivity

Maybe switch to ACPI when we will support 2.6? So add acpid?

I'm not a big specialist of all this stuff, but the move from
2.4+APM-->2.6+ACPI has been a great improvement on my Dell X200

About noflushd : I never succeeded in making it stop my hard
disk...mostly because my system always has something to do all the

I may recommend laptop-net which I use for context switching (home,
work, offline and so on). There are other such context switching
packages, but no idea which are most used.

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