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Re: Release update

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> As mentioned on IRC, I believe it would be inappropriate to add
> libfribidi0 to the base system at this stage, since this would be a
> significant change to a very important library (libslang).  Fortunately,
> we can have d-i translated into Hebrew and Arabic *without* making any
> changes to the base system, which is one reason why I feel this way.
> For d-i, we only need a fribidi-enabled slang udeb, we don't need
> fribidi support in the base system.
> This does mean that post-reboot, BIDI support will not be available in
> debconf, but I think this is a reasonable goal for the first release of
> Debian which contains any BIDI installation support at all, and it's
> also compatible with commonly recognized translation priorities (install
> manual + d-i stage 1, then stage 2 packages, then the rest). 

I think this is a good compromise.

Until now, Shlomi Loubaton's modified slang depends on libfribidi for
all generated packages, but this is not really needed.

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