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Re: RFC: discover 1 -> 2 transition plan for Debian

On Mar 16, Jeff Licquia <licquia@progeny.com> wrote:

>  - Which XFree86 driver works with my video card?
>  - How do I format PostScript to talk to my printer?
>  - What software do I need to install for my new scanner to work?
>  - What package contains the special tweak utilities for my laptop?
>  - What FreeBSD driver does my network card need?
> These, I suspect, might be difficult questions for hotplug to answer.
It does not even try... 
I'm not saying that there is no use for discover, but that hotplug is
more suitable to manage loading of kernel drivers (i.e. just about
everything which appears in /sys/).

> But we in the discover camp are interested in getting hotplug and 
> discover working together better, despite hotplug's "broken by design" 
> limitations. :-)  Might the hotplug people be willing to do the same?

ciao, |
Marco | [5134 diar6n8dMyWwE]

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