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Re: The main-menu item of partman [was: Bug#237534: inst report: lots of partman and LVM issues]

On 15.III.2004 at 22:34  Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> The following comes from an installation report that I just closed:
> #236069>  The current dialogs, especially in the beginning, give the
> #236069>  suggestion that the only function of partman is
> #236069>  _partitioning_ and not also the selection of mountpoints.
> #236069>
> #236069>  This confused me at first.
> #236069>
> #236069>  I think this could be improved a lot with changes like:
> #236069>  'partition with custom settings'
> #236069>  -> 'partition disks and/or mount partitions with custom settings'
> #236069>  'finish partitioning and write changes'
> #236069>  -> 'finish partitioning, write changes (if any) and mount
> #236069>      partitions'

And some more comments from the submitter:

> I really think this needs some thought. I've recently seen a lot of
> installation-reports saying: 'Partition disks? But I don't want to
> change the partitions, the current layout is fine. So I'll just cancel
> this step en go to selecting mount points.'
> And then they get into trouble from there.
> That's exactly what happened to me the first time.
> The current messages are confusing especially for people familiar with
> the old installation system, as then they were separate steps and you
> _had_ to skip the partition disks step.

Anton Zinoviev

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